Filling in and submitting a worksheet will mark all the jobs as done and post the transactions to the accounts. Any changes done on the worksheet are only temporary until you click the Submit Worksheet button.

To mark a job as done on the worksheet, do the following:

1. Go to Worksheets

2. Click on the Worksheet you're working on

3. Click on Complete or Missed against the job you've done.

4. If the customer has paid, click on Paid.

5. Be sure to check the charged amount (by default this is the job price) and also check the paid amount.

6. To keep records straight, enter a Payment Method - If the one you want doesn't exist, click on the Add New option and add a new one.

What you do next depends on whether you have any more work to do. 

If you have more jobs to do: Click on the pink button - Finish changes and hide job. This will hide this item from the list. If you want to show this item, toggle the Show Hidden Items option at the top of the worksheet.

If you have finished marking all your jobs as done - Click on the Submit Worksheet button. This will post the transactions to the accounts and mark the jobs as done.

Screenshots and video to follow.